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Dog Days of Summer - The Perfect Time To Adopt!

Thankfully the winter of 2013/2014 is fast becoming a distant memory.  Now that the weather is finally nice again, it's the perfect time to bring home a new faithful friend and we have some great dogs and cats looking for that special forever home ... like Chelsea, Radar, Suzie, Chloe and Lulu!

Adoptable Pets

Check out her Petfinder listing and all of our adoptable animals by clicking here!

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Don't Forget that Heartworm Pill!
Warmer summer days mean those dreaded blood sucking mosquitos are no longer slumbering and while their bites typically aren't life threatening to humans, they can be life threatening to our faithful fur-friends. Mosquitos can infect dogs with heartworm larvae and if your four-legged friend is not on a monthly heartworm preventative, those larvae will eventually find their way to Fido's heart/lungs and begin to grow into full adult heartworms as it did for our newest foster, Buddy.  Buddy was rescued from the Monroe County Shelter and based on his overall condition, it's thought that he was probably an outside dog that obviously wasn't given a monthly preventative.  Now Buddy has to undergo heartworm treatment, which is not cheap and which will be somewhat painful.  Unfortunately, if not treated for his advancing heartworm, Buddy would eventually die. 

Preventing heartworm by purchasing monthly heartworm medication is far cheaper than having to pay to treat a dog with full fledged heartworm so please be pro-active and save your dog (and your pocket book) by picking up those heartworm preventatives!